My first few weeks

In my first few weeks in Brazil, I had a really chill Time, I had my Host Sister, who would be going to India in a few weeks, who was nice enough to take me everywhere with her so I followed her like a lost puppy for the first two weeks or so and got to know a lot of the City, meet her friends and many other things. I would highly recommend that when you get an Exchange Student that in the first few weeks you take them with you on as many things as possible because I would have been completely lost with out that help, you have to imagine, you're in a new Country with a new language, without any friends or people that you know and at the beginning without School so meeting new people little difficult if you're completely on your own. When I started school a few weeks later I found that it was the most boring thing this exchange had to offer, I didn´t understand anything in class so listening made no sense for me and my classmates while nice were couldn't talk to me all the time, so for me classes were/are still the most boring thing in this country, so I quickly started reading on my Smartphone and listening to Music while in school. For me after my first few weeks in Brazil and my Host sister left for India, life started to settle in for me, I still didn´t understand the language very much but I got slowly used to life here, which was a good and a bad thing, on one side it made life a little easier you knew what to expect on the other side it took away a little of the adventure, before every day was an adventure in which you never knew what would happen tomorrow.
I also, of course, got to try all the Brazilian food that exist here and while I didn´t like everything like "Brigadeiro" or the famous Brazilian Coffe there was a lot of food that I really liked, for example, "pao de queijo" which I can best describe as cheese bread. All in all my first few weeks in Brazil were good, there were, of course, up´s and down´s and there still are now, ca. a month after arriving here in Brazil, but I also had some great experiences, made new friends, meet new people and got to learn a new culture with many differences from German culture, to make it short I´m happy here and hope to see many more Adventure in my time here in Brazil.