My Depature


My Familie and I were at the Passcontrole in Frankfurt, Germany
before that Moment I was pretty unfazed by everything that was happening, I knew that I would be gone for a year, I knew that I wouldn´t see my Family for a year but until I had gone through the Passcontrole at the Airport it didn´t really sink in for me that all that would come true for me. The first thing that I experienced after I left my Family was 5 minutes of walking through a depressingly empty hallway which didn´t improve my mood at all, this was the first Moment in which I started to doubt my decision to become an Exchange Student after that thing started to become better, I walked through Security, found my Gate, doubted that I was at the right gate for 15minutes and meet the other Exchange Students that would be flying with me to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

From there, things were going pretty smoothly, I took the chance to  get some sleep in order not be a walking Zombie the next morning when I would arrive in Brazil and other than a few minutes of sad thought over not seeing my Family for a whole year and thinking about what could go wrong, the rest of the flight was without any problems.